LIG-TAC™ is a concentrated, proprietary organic emulsion designed to mitigate dust by agglomeration of roadbed materials. LIG-TAC™ is manufactured using select tree resins sourced from within the USA pulp industry. It is non-corrosive and may be applied over previously Mag-Chloride or Calcium Chloride treatments to mitigate leaching and vegetation impact. Our standard, recommended roadway treatment can be expected to last for durations of 90-180 days (variance dependent on traffic speeds and ongoing maintenance). LIG-TAC™ may be blended into the roadbed during original installation or processed during routine maintenance practices. LIG-TAC™ was designed to treat poor roadbeds, reduce maintenance and mitigate dust.

It is not intended to provide “stabilizing” strength to poor sub grades for heavy use during winter or wet conditions. More information may be obtained by completing our RFI or RFQ forms on this site. We will always make time for a call to answer questions if preferable.