National Land Management

Providing Environmentally Beneficial Products and Cost-effective Solutions since 2009.

We provide innovative products and solutions for erosion control, dust control and soils stabilization that conserve water, improve air quality and increase the bottom-line profits.


What We Do

Our focus as a manufacturer is the development and integration of product(s) with industry to provide environmental solutions and applications worldwide. Privately funded since inception, NLM is supported across the USA by end users, design engineers, chemists and contractors. We provide right-on-time solutions for Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Clean Energy, Mining, Construction and Governmental agencies.

Extensive experience has broadened our solutions capabilities to the extent that no project is outside of our purview. We welcome challenges and guarantee results.

Dust Control and Water Conservation

We offer in-construction and post-construction products that will reduce water consumption by 80% and PM2.5 and PM10 emissions 60%-100%.

Erosion Control

NLM products are used to mitigate erosion challenges in all US markets and industries. Whether the goal is to provide wind and water loss, extend germination opportunities or retard growth to reduce operational expenses, we have the solution.

Soil Stabilization

We have products and solutions to meet short-term or long-term goals. We specialize in driveways, parking lots, trails and trail heads, pathways, lay-down yards, high traffic roadways, county roadways, heavy-haul roads, road shoulders, airport runways, helipads, land-fills (daily cover and capping), and brownfield (contaminated) sites. We have solutions regardless of the soils type, traffic flow or environmental condition.

Products Development and Design

NLM has harnessed hundreds of years of experience with our team of professionals who tirelessly improve to our products and develop new solutions. Want something special developed for your project? Just ask. We welcome challenges and are confident in your success!

Get Started

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On behalf of Haydon Building Corporation, I would like to thank you for the product and service we received at our Buckeye Industrial Project and Seton High School. National Land Management’s tall oil pitch seal is doing a great job for us. In addition to the fact that the product is 100% green, it has saved Haydon Building Corporation significant cost in closing out our projects. We also appreciate your quality service and people.

National Land Management approached us with a solution that is 100% green, natural, and has guaranteed performance. This made great sense to us from a project cost perspective and the environmental impact. First Industrial is very interested in developing smartly and also being environmentally conscious. National Land Management’s slogan, Cleaner air, more water … for all of us™ resonates with us.

National Land Management approached us with a solution that not only reduced the dust and airborne particles, but also reduced our watering and they use products that are 100% green and natural. Our riders and horses are no longer covered in oily coatings after riding and we are breathing much healthier.
Nags Head Farm Scottsdale is a healthier place for our horses, riders, and community thanks to the solutions from National Land Management.

National Land Management is excellent to work with for large-scale dust suppression projects. The products and team that NLM provides are second to none. They handled QA/QC, soils analysis, products selection, installation and training and represented Rummel as our team expert on the I-10 Dust Suppression project. Together, we were able to mitigate dust on over 100 acres of Arizona State Land adjacent to I-10 and reduce the amount of deadly dust created by storms and high winds. They brought years of invaluable knowledge to the table that allowed us to out-perform our competitors. We look forward to working with NLM in the coming years throughout the State of Arizona.

As the owner of many A-2 industrial properties in the City of Phoenix, having the proper surface for an industrial yard is a challenge and critically important. The industrial surface must have the proper balance of costs, performance and maintenance costs.

Three years ago we discovered National Land Management's PurePave product.
It has been the best balance of cost of installation, performance and cost of maintenance.
Our tenants love the product and it gives us an advantage when seeking new tenants for a vacant property. We have installed it on five different tenant sites so far. The sites have a variety of tenants who's use is very hard on most industrial surfaces, concrete, asphalt, asphalt millings or plain dirt.

The PurePave product has held up better than we anticipated in all cases.
We have recommended it to many of our peers in the industry.